El Duende Flamenco Dance Co was co-founded in Sydney in 1990, by Antonio Carmona (1962-1992) and Susana Menotte. Antonio and Susana both danced with the Antonio Vargas Flamenco Dance Theatre for several years, touring Australia with 'Blood Wedding, Passion, Grace and Fire', and also appearing in 'Chronicle of a Death Foretold', and 'Carmen' at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Antonio Vargas and Susana in "Chronicle of a Death Foretold"

In 1990 Antonio Carmona and Susana founded El Duende Flamenco Dance Co. 'Duende' is a gypsy flamenco term, which is difficult to translate into English. It describes a connection with the spirit, and the transcendence above the everyday, through the music and dance of flamenco.

El Duende has a busy performance schedule for both the professional group and student performance groups. El Duende student performers were selected from many groups who auditioned, to perform at Sydney Opera House Festival of Cultures - (see photo opposite). Regular Student Fiestas give all students the chance to perform their work, and also give family, friends & 'aficionados' the chance to join in and celebrate!

Rehearsals for 'Festival of Cultures' Concert Hall Sydney Opera House

Susana has studied in Madrid academies with many of Spain's leading Flamenco artists and teachers, including El Guito, Manolete, Carmen Cortes, La Tati, Adrian, Paco Romero, and Belen Fernandez.

In a less formal way, Susana has gained much from time spent in Andalusia in the south of Spain - the birthplace of Flamenco. Here amongst the gypsy families, with their spontaneous flamenco celebrations, the true spirit of Flamenco can be experienced.

El Duende regularly invites international guest artists to work with the company as performers and teachers - Swedish guitarist Rob Svard, Carlos, consultant and founding member of Alianza Flamenca, visiting artist Pepa Molina, and Alianza Flamenca Consultants, Linda Vargas and Lina Dolores Vega.

After being based in Sydney for over 20 years, El Duende has now relocated to Noosa Valley, Sunshine Coast QLD. A new chapter is evolving with dancers and musicians who share a fascination and passion for the art of Flamenco.